Weight Loss Surgery

Whether you are thinking about it or have already had weight loss surgery, your diet and nutrition should be a top priority both before and after.  Regardless of the type of bariatric surgery people have, experts agree that changes to diet and lifestyle are a must if you are going to achieve great weight loss, slim down and gain the fantastic health benefits of doing so.  Here’s my top tips to help you stay on track.


  • Be certain you want surgery.  Many people fall in love with the idea of being slimmer and fitter and think surgery is the easy answer to achieving this.  The reality is quite different.  Undergoing weight loss surgery involves risks.  Unfortunately it is far from being the ‘magic bullet’ that puts an end to dieting that some people think.  Your diet after surgery will require a lot of your attention if you are to remain healthy and achieve good weight loss.  You must be prepared to make lasting lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise patterns to get the most out of bariatric surgery.  Why not complete my checklistAre you dietary ready for gastric surgery? Be sure you are truly ready to take this life changing step.

What I offer:

Before your surgery:

>Weight loss programmes to reduce your risks

>Clear guidance on the changes you will need to make

>Tailored advice and to maximise your success after surgery

>Help in achieving your target weight loss before surgery

>Preparing for eating after your surgery – menus and recipes

After your surgery:

Clear and visual portion guidance

Help with multiple food intolerances

Help with adjustment in eating patterns

Nutritional analysis and printable feedback on specific nutrients

Bespoke menu and diet plans for consistency and texture you require

long term weight loss maintenance – advice and support programmes tailored to you.

Contact me on 07928248727

or email me at dawn@dietwise.co.uk

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