Group Wise with Dawn

The aim is simple – to help people succeed in healthful weight loss using principles that have been proven to work:

  • sound dietary principles
  • establishing respectful understanding and providing empathetic non judgmental services
  • Incorporation of key counselling principles to help people move forward with weight issues by improving self esteem and self worth
  • Encouragement of mindful eating focusing on portion control and eating patterns that aims to establish more helpful habits
  • Signposting and advising on exercise as an important component of weight management and weight loss maintenance

6 Week Group Weight Loss programme –  Dietwise with Dawn  this weekly succession programme is aimed at everyone who has struggled and continues to struggle with weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

Whether you have had weight loss surgery or not, issues with identifying head, heart and stomach hungers are no different.  This programme will seek to explore why weight loss issues continue to be an issue and digs deep to explore the answers to this.  Unlike a conventional weight loss programme, Dietwise with Dawn  incorporates mindfulness and cognitive therapy skills to overcome the reasons behind overeating.  The sessions involve practical exercises that encourage participants to understand their thinking to alter eating behaviours, as well as provide lots of practical tips and advice.  All participants will receive a tailored diet plan with clear portion guidance.  It is very important that everyone gains individual attention in this programme to ensure the greatest success.  Therefore group sizes are kept small – to a maximum of 6 people.  Sessions last 1 hour

What Dietwise with Dawn offers:

>1 hour x 6 weeks sessions with dietitian

>tailored individual diet plan and portion size guide

>mindful approach to understanding your eating

>small group size of max 6 people to allow attention


Dietwise with Dawn – £60 for  6 week programme

advanced group booking discount of 6 x places for 6 weeks, £310

Please call Dietwise 07928248727 to book into a programme

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